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Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be outdoors and have been facinated by the natural world (in particular what my parents used to call "creepy crawlies") so I was always going to be a Biologist. I started working for Oxford University's Zoology department as a field biologist and eventually took early retirement as a laboratory manager.

​                                         I have managed to keep my interest going using a camera,  although the inclement weather of the winter months can lead to lots of fun experimenting with indoor photography in its various forms, which particularly appeals to what's left of the scientist in me. After retirement I moved to Adderbury, a small village near Banbury and had the good fortune to discover the local  Photographic society from which I learnt  a great deal, in particular coming to embrace other forms of the art as well as making some very good friends.  All the images on this site with  taken using Fujifilm bridge cameras (Fujifilm will always be my camera of choice because it give you much more control  over how the resultant images are produced).

For most of the macros I have added either a Hoya +4 filter or for extreme close ups a Raynox DCR 250 clip on adapter. The very few images that have been manipulated were achieved  by using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) in my opinion the best of the free programs available. This website was entirely self-built using only the free tools & applications, starting with one of the provided photography templates . This will, I hope, show that photography doesn't have to be an expensive hobby and encourage others to “Give it a go”

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"Take nothing but a photograph, leave nothing but a footprint, kill nothing but time"

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